Spring 2019 Luncheon Events

Welcome to the Cronkite School’s student event blog. This is where you can record your impressions and thoughts and converse with other students about events held at the Cronkite School.

Students who attend any of the events below and comment on them here will have a chance to win tickets to the annual Cronkite Award Luncheon, held in 2019.

The more events you attend and comment on, the better your chances of getting a seat at the luncheon. To comment, simply select the event you attended from the list below and write at least 150 words about something you learned or something that resonated with you. You must enter your comment within 48 hours of the event. Feel free to read and comment on other students’ comments.

When commenting, keep in mind the school’s academic integrity policy. Students who misrepresent their attendance at an event or submit someone else’s work will be subject to expulsion from the school. Also please remember to include your full name in the comment so that we can accurately record your attendance.

If you are commenting on a speaker for extra credit for one of your Cronkite classes, it is permissible to post the same comment for your class and for Cronkite Conversations.

Remember: the more events you attend and comment on, the better your chances are!

Jan. 9: Gen Z and the Age of Sensory Journalism

Jan. 14: MSM – Virtual Tools for Real News

Jan. 25: 90-Minute Mastery: Phone Photography

Jan. 28: MSM – The News Desert Challenge

Jan. 31: A Discussion With The New York Times

Feb. 4: MSM – New Opportunities in Sports Journalism

Feb. 6: Global Conversations – Influence with Impact: China and the Middle East

Feb. 11: MSM – Covering the Uncovered: Native American Journalism

Feb. 13: Global Conversations – Sparking Global Change Through Storytelling

Feb. 18: MSM – Looking Back, Looking Forward: Downtown Devil and Career Paths